What is Tazzle iT?


Tazzle iT is a computer USB key that forms a direct wireless link.

Mobiles pair to your Tazzle iT, not your computer. Your network always stays secure!

Receive files on your PC via ultra-fast point-to-point Wi-Fi or Tazzle's Bluetooth.

 Share photos and files without internet.
 Print to any pc's printer.
 Keep your network secure.
 Leave nothing behind unless you choose to.

Printing and Sharing Made Simple


Tazzle iT automatically picks the fastest route to deliver your data to the PC using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi!

Transfer Files Directly

Securely transfer mobile photos and files directly to your PC, without a network.

Reliable Anywhere

The Tazzle iT creates an instant, secure, wireless link from mobile to PC.

Control Your Data

Send your data securely and leave nothing behind on the PC when you're done, unless YOU choose to.

Preview and Edit

Preview and edit mobile print jobs on the PC without leaving a trace. Save paper, ink and valuable time.

Quick Print

One tap to send a file from a mobile device to your PC's printer. Quite possibly the best mobile printing solution!

Getting Started

Set up your new Tazzle iT in just 3 easy steps:
1. Download the Tazzle desktop software
2. Get the free mobile app
3. Pair mobile to the Tazzle iT and send files!


The Tazzle iT has been featured across the web!

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"Two thumbs up for innovation... user friendly with easy setup and most important EASY TO USE." - MyMobileGear.com

"Tazzle IT addresses a common issue of how difficult it can sometimes be to transfer information between a smartphone and a PC even when they are right next to each other, especially if you don't have a cable handy." - abcnews.com

"I recently got the chance to check out Tazzle IT, and I can simply say I'm in love." - Crackberry.com

"Tazzleit is Awesome!" - Themes4bb.com

"A truly elegant way to get your contents off your BlackBerry and onto your computer." - Assistivetek

Connect and Protect your PC

Just Tazzle iT!