Tazzle iT is a computer USB key that forms a direct wireless link.

Mobiles pair to your Tazzle iT, not your computer.

Receive files on your PC via ultra-fast point-to-point Wi-Fi or Tazzle's Bluetooth.

See how it works


If your PC can print, so can nearby mobiles.

Quick-share photos and files without internet!

Preview and edit on the PC before you print!

Leave nothing behind unless YOU choose to.


Quick-print a single copy with one click!

Print to ANY PC's printer!

No complex configuration or special drivers needed!


Receive photos and files from nearby mobiles on your PC hands-free.

Send files from mobile to PC with one click!


Getting Started

Set up your new Tazzle iT in just 3 easy steps:

  • 1 Download and install Tazzle Desktop Software

  • 2Get the free mobile app

  • 3Pair mobile to the Tazzle iT and send files!

Printing and Sharing Made Simple

icon Simple

Tazzle iT automatically picks the fastest route to deliver your data to the PC using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi!

icon Transfer Files Directly

Securely transfer your important photos and files directly to the PC, without going through "the cloud."

icon Reliable Anywhere

The Tazzle iT (2 grams) creates an instant, secure, reliable, wireless link from your mobile to a nearby PC, anywhere in the world.

icon Control Your Data

Send your data securely and leave nothing behind on the PC when you're done, unless YOU choose to.

icon Preview and Edit

Preview and edit your mobile print jobs on the PC without leaving a trace. Save paper, ink, and valuable time!

icon Quick Print

Need a hard copy quickly? One click sends your file to print to the PC's printer. Quite possibly the best mobile printing solution!

icon Reviews

CNET, ABC NEWS and other top blogs gave Tazzle iT Rave Reviews!


Frequently Asked Questions

Tazzle iT links your mobile device directly to any nearby Windows computer running the Tazzle Desktop software. Just insert your Tazzle iT USB key into the computer’s USB port to create an instant, secure wireless connection.

If your Android mobile and computer are on a common Wi-Fi network, Tazzle iT automatically sends your files over Wi-Fi.

If there’s no common network available, Tazzle iT sends your mobile files directly via its unique built-in Bluetooth.

Share large images from your mobile quickly by compressing them, with a single click. They transfer quickly, even via Bluetooth, and open automatically on the computer without your having to touch it.

Print directly to the PC’s printer using its original drivers and applications. QuickPrint a single copy with a click, or preview and edit before printing.

Unless you choose to save them, all Tazzled files are automatically expunged from the PC when you close the applications and Tazzle Desktop software.

About three minutes.

When you get a new Tazzle iT:

1. Download the Tazzle Desktop Software (from this site) onto a Windows PC or install it from a flash drive. Follow the instructions on the installer.

2. Download the Tazzle app from Google Play or BlackBerry World.

3. Open the Tazzle App on your phone, pair to the Tazzle iT USB key with your chosen PIN number, click on the name of the Tazzle iT USB key and begin Tazzle-ing!

No.  Tazzle iT requires no external network or internet.  All you need is a PC running the Tazzle Desktop software, your Tazzle iT USB key and Tazzle App. You can share and print literally anywhere.

If your mobile and the PC are on a common Wi-Fi network, Tazzle iT can automatically route your mobile data directly over Wi-Fi to the PC.

If there’s no common Wi-Fi network available, Tazzle iT’s secure Bluetooth wireless connection links your mobile to the PC directly, wherever you are.

Yes. Leveraging Bluetooth’s inherent security, Tazzle iT adds patented hardware and software for greater protection. Tazzle’s “one-way push” data transfer system prevents unauthorized access to both PC and mobile. Your mobile device is never required to be in discoverable mode so its data remains secure.

Tazzle’s direct Wi-Fi transfers from mobile to PC are secure because they require the Tazzle iT key in order to be received. Files sent via Tazzle iT Wi-Fi do not pass through any internet servers.

When you have finished with files you sent to View or Print, close the PC applications and the Tazzle Desktop. That will automatically expunge all traces of the files you have Tazzled from your mobile device to your computer.

Note: This does not apply to files you have transferred to Save on the PC.

No. Pair your Tazzle iT once to your smartphone or tablet. Then, you can use it in any PC running the Tazzle Desktop software.

Also, multiple mobile devices can pair to a single Tazzle iT USB key to share and print to a PC.

If your Tazzle iT is not recognized by the computer running the Tazzle Desktop, switch USB ports until the green indicator light is displayed.

To ensure proper contact with the computer’s USB port, be sure the Tazzle iT is not plugged in upside down.

Make sure that a Desktop listening mode, View, Print, or Save, is engaged when attempting to pair the Tazzle iT.

If you are having issues receiving files, first try closing and restarting the Tazzle Desktop software. If that doesn’t solve the problem, removing and reinserting the Tazzle iT often will.

Contact Us if you need further assistance.